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Traditional commerce and electronic commerce are now considered to different fields. Traditional commerce requires face to face conversation for selling products and services. On the contrary, eCommerce requires interaction via the internet, allowing commerce of goods and services. There are thousands of online companies doing eCommerce without any physical presence for customers.

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Traditional commerce and e-commerce

The advancement in science and technology has changed ways in which commerce was practiced. Almost all famous US companies and organization (offering products or services) have online portals for the convenience of people to execute transactions online. This results in rapid growth of electronic commerce and accessibility of markets that were inaccessible previously.

Why online schools for E-Business and E-Commerce

There are several accredited online schools offering eCommerce / business programs for students and working professionals. Preferring online schools for pursuing programs has increased over the last few years, this is because online learning offers cost effective education, self paced study plan, and continue job while pursuing a program, allowing students to learn more, applying concepts of e-business and e-commerce in practical life. Some online school claims to teach in an efficient and effective manner as compared to traditional classes. Online schools also offer accelerated eCommerce programs which allow completing the program in less time than the traditional school.

Online schools offer technical and business eCommerce courses, including online security, web development, web designing, online business models, information technology, virtual communication methods and many more.

Considerations before choosing an online school

Below is a list of accredited online e-business and e-commerce schools along with detailed information. AskForEducation encourages students to apply for the “Quick info Request” for more information on any school; this will help to make an informed decision about the future and career.

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