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Accounting is critical to the success of any business, keeping track of finances in compliance with conventions and regulations are essential for any organization. Accounting, being one of the fundamentals for tracking and managing business finances, a degree in accounting is always a point of encouragement for students. The demand for accounting professionals in private and public sectors is growing at every level. It is evident that gaining a diploma or certification in accounting can be an immediate gateway to start a new career with an organization.

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Accounting in perspective

Accounting degrees are categorized in two main types:
  • Applied sciences in accounting
  • Arts degree in accounting
Applied sciences in accounting intend to teach accounting as a profession, and aims to teach applications of the concepts in the real world. In contrast, arts degree in accounting teaches students to learn more about theoretical and classical account concepts; provide students a stepping stone for further education.

Accounting course work includes, training on how to understand, maintain and prepare financial statements along with different accounting principles applied to business. Moreover, skills training in the course, entails, training on software systems and accounting databases.

Employment prospects

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, online degrees in accounting can be substantial for starters, to get a foot in the organization. Initially, students may have to contend with the clerical or bookkeeping job, or as an assistant accounts officer, but they will grow steadily. Startup salary for accountants falls in between $33,000 and $38,000 per year. However, actual salary may vary significantly across various organizations, depending upon job city, personal skill, job level etc.

Considerations before selecting an Online Accounting School

Online learning saves cost, demand less time, and hence least disturbs your daily life. AskForEducation has compiled a list of accredited online accounting schools with details on degree programs, delivery format, teaching methodology, and calendar type. However, we always recommend students to apply for “Quick Info Request” for more information.

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