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Art of Writing: Writing can be described as an activity of coherent composition of words meant for interchanging and communicating ideas and thoughts. Writing is an art which is précised in its manner. A piece of writing must fully communicate the concept that is implicit in it.  Developing an art of writing is about honing the skills and proficiencies required for writing in order to communicate the ideas in a reasonable manner.

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User Understanding

Writing in the perspective of user understanding is based on the premise that reader must fully understand the information portrayed in writing. It must be structured in allegiance with reader’s perspective and it ought to be in a language that is easily understood by the reader.

‘Writing’ as subject of study

Many students may choose ‘Writing’ as a major subject of their higher education. ‘Writing’ as a subject of study seems to be interest-provoking.

Career in ‘Writing’

The writers can work in professional fields as:
  • Editors
  • Journalists
  • Content writers
  • Dissertation writers
  • Blog writers
  • Literature writers
PayScale provides a salary range for the writers i.e. $14173-$87586.

Online Schools offering ‘Writing’ as a Subject of Study

There are various online schools that confer ‘Writing’ programs. Students may undertake a comparison analysis on the basis of different specifications of the online schools in order to figure out the most feasible option. The online study provides a great deal to the students as it offers greater flexibility for earning education. Through online study, students also get a waiver of  indigenous requirements which are implied in campus based education.

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