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A private survey indicates that number of students aspiring online education has increased by 174% over the last five years. The reason is the ease, efficiency and efficacy with which education is imparted. All the major universities are increasingly embracing this trend and soon this trend is likely to engulf the whole country. Auspiciously government has also acknowledged online education, is seriously planning to incorporate online schools as part of the campaign to expand Higher Education to every corner of USA. Moreover, 2011 survey unveils that almost 65% of the Higher Education institutes now consider online degrees as essential part of their long-term strategy (the complete survey report, "Going the Distance: Online Education in the United States, 2011").

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Keeping in view the fast spreading malaise of diploma mills, we enlist only those online schools that enjoy accreditation from renowned accrediting agencies. This goes to liberate student from the fear of being trapped by swindlers and charlatan thronging the web these days.

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AskForEducation answers the questions that matter to students seeking online education. From presenting all possible online degrees to making sure the accreditation of online schools, our quality control educational experts never relent to ensure authenticity of the degrees and schools we give information about.

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Survey on Online Schools

With a broad range of online colleges and universities, students now have the opportunities to get their degree without the physical confines of selecting a local institute or the expenses of commuting to the desired college or university. As per the 2010 Sloan Survey of Online Learning, around 5.6 million students participated in at least one online course in 2009. That’s a rise of 1 million learners from the previous year and is the biggest annual boost till now.

A large number of colleges, state universities and community schools provide online education instead of being actually present within their walls. During the 2006-2007, the National Center for Educational Statistics discovered that 2/3 of Title IV, degree-awarding post secondary colleges provided many form of online education. This is good news for those desiring to enroll in online colleges, especially for students who choose blended education formats. As per a 2009 Meta studies from the Department of Education, those who enrolled in online colleges and universities for whether full-time or part of their classes showed improved performance as compared to those pursuing same program in traditional colleges and universities.

Students who took mix online courses with the conventional ones (for example blended education) perform even superior.

As per survey reports there is a 25% boost annually in the number of online students accordingly bringing about the number of online colleges and universities in the US.

The online colleges and universities today are as competent as traditional ones providing a wide range of study programs at the levels of certificate, associate, bachelors, masters, doctorate and postgraduate degrees. With its expediency, flexibility and diversity, it’s not unforeseen that the numbers of online colleges and universities have doubled in past few years.

What Are Accredited Online Colleges

Accredited online colleges and universities fit to strict principles and rules that are fixed by recognized agencies. Such agencies ensure that accredited online colleges offer highest quality degrees that have significant worth in the job market. Different authorized online universities differ in faculty, services and set of courses. Depending on area and the forms of degree programs provided, an online college or university can have more than one kind of accreditation.

Keep in mind that an online university cannot buy accreditation or award accreditation to itself. The online institute is required to earn accreditation and it cannot get accredited right after its opening. It takes a particular time period for accreditation, as accrediting agencies evaluate the college’s programs, academic capability and other factors.

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Online schools come up with thousands of choices of online courses, selection of an online course is a bit difficult decision for a student. Those with a clear idea about aptitude and interests may not find problems in selecting right subject area. However, undecided students have to research and evaluate various online programs until they end up choosing the right one. For every student, a different set of factors motivates the selection of a course of study. Some students select the course considering money or time in hand and some go back to their instincts and evaluate their aptitude. Irrespective of whether a student looks for the most lucrative field or an area of interest, the process starts with searching the right course amongst thousands offered by hundreds of online schools and universities.

Strength of Online Schools

The traditional concept of education – from school to the doctorate level – has changed dramatically because of the emergence of broadband and technologies in web 2.0, such as content management, sharing and social Networking. With rapid advancements in web technologies, the emergence of online education has become a challenge to the mainstream form of education. Through the use of cost effective and user friendly online education portals, many online educational institutes can easily manage to offer course programs to a wider base of students (outside of the US as well).

Online schools offer study program for all major subject categories offered in traditional institutes. About half of the 4500 higher education campus institutes are already offering online courses.

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Major categories in which these online schools are offering education are:

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