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Online Schools with Best Outcomes for Graduates

The trend of online schools seems to be increasing day by day. Choky and constricting routines provoke the agitation for online schools and online learning programs.

According to a report issued by Babson survey research group, the online course enrolments in US in 2010 outstripped 6.1 million and the graph does not seem to level off.
  From 2007-2011, the online course enrollments almost doubled. This elicitation is likely to be the effect of stagnant economy and increased competition in the markets. Secondly, the robust and rich online learning opportunities provided by the educational institutions also ignite the demand for online education.
The administrators of the colleges and universities reckon the online education as an important part of long term institutional strategy.

The students who want to attend classes on their own timings and who are working professionals bearing responsibilities other than education must pursue online degree programs. The online degree programs provide reasonable tractability to the students in order to maintain a balance between all the responsibilities.

The students need to be reasonably skeptic in order to choose the right online school and right online degree program. There are many things which are needed to be taken into consideration in order to know which online school proposes best opportunities. A sane and fairish choice is likely to demonstrate best outcomes for the students.

Online Bachelor degree programs are also offered by vast number of online schools and universities. However, multiple characteristics must be scrutinized before engaging with a particular online school/university. Following information is likely to provide a counsel for choosing the best online school by keeping in context various prominent traits. 

i. Student Engagement and Assessment:

Exclusive online bachelor schools and their bachelor degree programs implement many ways in order to foster the participation of students in online learning. The faculty must thoroughly assess the performance of students. The online schools that handle the student engagement and assessment with sagacity are likely to be proved as student outcome oriented. Following is the list of top 10 online schools conferring bachelor degrees ranked on the basis of student engagement and assessment
Rank Online School Score Instructors Response
Expected within (Hours)
Instructors Office
Hours (Weekly)
Faculty Track
Student Login
# 1 Bellevue University 80.5 48 10 Yes  
# 2 Newberry College 80 24 10 Yes  
# 3 Troy University 78.5 24 10 Yes  
# 4 University of Incarnate Word 78.5 24 5 Yes  
# 5 University of Phoenix 77 24 0 Yes  
# 6 Fort Hays State University 75.8 48 5 Yes  
# 7 Regis University 75 24 n/a Yes  
# 8 Palm Beach Atlantic University 72 24 n/a Yes  
# 9 Excelsior College 71 48 1 Yes  
# 10 Pace University 70 24 5 Yes  

ii. Student Services and technology:

Student services in online degree programs are as essential as the student services in campus based learning. Students must possess a reasonable knowledge of online tutoring. The understanding lag of online learning is unlikely to be in the favor of students and the institution as well. Students must also get technological support in case of malfunctioning of online system. The online schools that ply with the student services and technology by adopting hands on approach are likely to harvest best outcomes for students. Following is the list of top 10 online graduate schools ranked on the basis of student services and technology.
Rank Online School Score Career Placement
Live Streaming
# 1 Arizona State University 100 Yes Yes Yes Yes  
# 2 Sam Houston State University 94 Yes Yes Yes Yes  
# 3 Florida International University 88.6 Yes Yes Yes Yes  
# 4 University of North Dacota 88.6 Yes Yes Yes Yes  
# 5 Troy University 87.6 No Yes Yes Yes  
# 6 Washington State University 87.2 Yes Yes No Yes  
# 7 Ball State University 87 Yes Yes Yes Yes  
# 8 East Tennessee State University 86 Yes Yes Yes Yes  
# 9 Regent University 86 Yes Yes Yes Yes  
# 10 Central Michigan University 85 Yes Yes Yes Yes  

iii. Faculty Credentials and Training:

The students seem to respond best to the faculty that possess high credentials and training. In online education there is no face to face communication. So, the faculty needs to adopt a professional approach in order to instruct and guide the students. The faculty that fall in the high bands of academic credentials and training is more likely to guide the students in a reasonable manner by keeping in context the student gratification.

The students are also obliged to confirm the faculty credentials and their relevant experiences before engaging with a particular online school.

Following is the list that provides the ranking of top 10 online schools on the basis of faculty credentials and training.
Rank Online School Faculty
Faculty Having at-least
2 years online teaching
Schools Finances
Online Instructor
Online Instruction
Training Required
to Teach
# 1 Westfield State University 82 81% Yes Yes  
# 2 United States Sports Academy 80.9 100% Yes Yes  
# 3 St. Marry's College of California 80.3 82% Yes Yes  
# 4 Pace University 78.6 70% Yes Yes  
# 5 Sam Houston State University 76.1 94% Yes Yes  
# 6 Charleston Southern University 73.7 100% Yes Yes  
# 7 Oregon Health and Science University 73.7 100% Yes Yes  
# 8 University of the Incarnate Word 72.4 95% Yes Yes  
# 9 Northwood University 71.6 79% Yes Yes  
# 10 Indiana University - Purdue University - Fort - Wayne 70.5 75% Yes Yes  

So, in order to infer the best options of online schools with best outcomes for graduates, a final decision can be made on the basis of student engagement and assessment, faculty credentials and training, student services and technology.

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