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Online Schools offering Global eLearning

The world has become a global village owing to the increased planetary communication. The enticement for e-learning seems to be provoking day by day. Many students prefer to opt for e-learning instead of hideous campus based learning which also trammels the accomplishment of other responsibilities of the students.
Extravagancy in the demand of online education is also due to the increased reliability and responsiveness of online systems. The comprehension of online systems also fosters the success of e- learning. The techno-phobia of individuals seems to be inversely proportional to the increased propensity of online systems. E-learning proposes various flexibilities for getting education without creating impedances in other obligation and priorities of the online students. E-learners enjoy the gratification of managing their own study schedules and timings.

Various online schools and universities confer multiple online programs including associate, graduate, master’s and doctorate degrees along with a wide range of diplomas and certifications. Students are provided with online mentoring facilities in order to nurture the respective knowledge.

With an increased tend of global e-learning the students savor the exemption from indigenous requirements because various online schools offer learning services around the globe irrespective of the location of students. 

The global e-learning has also played a vital role in upbringing the temptation for earning higher education in adults and working professionals.  The housewives can also exploit e-learning opportunities while maintaining a balance between their household noblesse obliges and educational responsibilities.

There is likely to be a wide range of online schools and universities in US that encourage global e-learning. Following is the list of online schools offering global e-learning opportunities.

United States Online Schools

School Name Logo eLearning Highlights Apply
The New School, a University
New York, NY, United States
Students from around the world enroll in the various learning programs offered by The New School.  The university has 24% international students and it represents 105 countries.   
Adler School of Professional Psychology
Chicago, IL, United States
The school has savored recognition internationally owing to the expertise of its faculty and conferring quality education. The school has 6% international students and it represents 17 countries.  
New York University 
New York, NY, United States
The university is recognized for its innovative curricula taught by the faculty members who are leaders in their respective fields. The university has 13% international students  
University of southern California
Los Angeles, CA, United States
The university prepares educational leaders and is committed to the innovation in the programs offered.  The university utilizes latest technology and online capabilities in order to equip students with options for learning and succeeding.   
North-central University
Prescott Valley, AZ, United States
The North-central University students are able to get accredited degrees in business or psychology with an opportunity of online learning.  North central University confers 100% distance learning programs for adult learners. It offers various certificates, master’s and doctorate degrees online.  
Walden University
Baltimore, MD, United States
Walden University offers online degree programs for bachelor, masters and doctorate levels.  The institution consists of 55 online and campus-based universities in 27 countries.  
Thunderbird Online, Thunderbird school of global management
Glendale, AZ, United States
The school offers exclusively flexible online learning courses and unmatched business content.
The unique features include:
Over 150 Locations in Over 40 Countries Represented
10 Executive Certificates Available
100% Online
Grand Canyon University
 Phoenix, AZ,  United States
The university is regionally accredited and recognized as offering some of the best online learning programs.  The online courses are exclusively tailored in order to meet the needs of students. The faculty strives to foster optimal learning environment.   
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ, United States
The Arizona State University caters the needs of non-traditional, busy students by offering flexible and convenient online education. The university offers 59 online learning programs and it understands that everyone is not able to bear the load of full time campus based learning.   
Philadelphia University
Philadelphia, PA, United States
Philadelphia University offers learning programs by keeping in context the flexibility of education and online environment.  The university is student-centered and prepares students for evolving global marketplace.   
Indiana state university
Terre Haute, IN, United States
The Indiana State University offers more than 90 programs for a wide range of subjects. e.g. arts, science, business nursing.  The University offers 43 online learning programs. The institution has partnered with The College Network in order to confer entirely online upper level nursing courses and Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.   
Grantham University
Kansas City, MO, United States
The Grantham university holds on to the vision of being internationally recognized amongst other higher education distant learning institutions. The University offers 13 online learning programs. The institution aspires to become internationally recognized amongst other higher education distance learning institutions for the students who desire for an alternative to the traditional higher learning institutions  
Golden Gate University
San Francisco, CA, United States
Golden Gate University was founded in 1901 and it caters the learning needs of working adults.  The Golden Gate University confers about 20 online learning programs. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business, management, law, taxation and information technology to the working adults  
Brandeis University
Waltham, MA, United States
The Brandeis University confers many graduate programs and courses via online facilities. The programs offered are internet-based, flexible and innovative. There are no covenants related to the timing of study.   
Florida International university
Miami, FL, United States
Florida international university confers exclusive expertise in entrepreneurship, international business and financial services. Florida international university offers 14 online learning programs and is a global leader in business education. It ranks amongst the best international business schools in the world.   
Southern New Hampshire university
Manchester, NH, United States
The Southern New Hampshire University encourages the culture that provokes every person to do more and learn more every day. The university offers 4 online learning programs and it holds on to the dedication of assisting students in the realization of their goals.   
Ashford university
Clinton, IA, United States
Ashford University is a good choice for individuals with uncompleted degrees and working adults.  The Online College of Ashford University is committed to deliver quality education with programs that are innovative, accessible and affordable and it confers 3 online learning programs.    
Herzing university
Menomonee Falls, WI, United States
Herzing University is a leader in career-focused and progressive education.  The University offers 6 high quality online educational programs so that the students from different locations could enhance their career potential.   
Nova South-eastern University
Fort Lauderdale, FL, United State
The Nova south-eastern university pioneers in the non-traditional approach towards education. It is regarded as 10th largest independent university in the country.  The university confers 41 online learning programs and it bears the honor of being included in the Princeton Review’s list of the best distance learning graduate schools.   
American College of Education
Chicago, IL, United States
The American College of Education is regarded as the first accredited institution that incorporated technology in order to reduce the costs drastically. By the incorporation of technology, the college paved a way of success for in-service learners by giving them access to online learning programs.  
Boise state University
Boise, ID, United States
The Boise State University holds on to the commitment of responding to a diverse student population.  The University offers 21 online learning programs through the use of current technologies in the convenient time-frames.   
University of Cincinnati
Orlando, FL, United States
The University of Cincinnati offers a balance of real-world experience and educational excellence.  US news and World Report ranked the University of Cincinnati amongst the top 100 public universities in the nation. The University offers 75 online learning programs.   
American Sentinel University
Aurora, CO, United States
The American Sentinel University offers innovative and quality educational programs in order to assist the students to enhance their careers and personal lives.  The American Sentinel University offers 10 online learning programs.   
New England College of Business
Boston, MA, United States
The New England College of Business offers high quality online education with multiple business degree programs.  New England College of Business is led by respected industry leaders and it offers state of the art online learning programs.   
Everglades University
Boca Raton, FL, United States
The Everglades University offers quality online education to adult learners belonging to diverse backgrounds.  The Everglades University offer online undergraduate and graduate programs through research, service and scholarly contribution.   
University of New England
Biddeford, ME, United States
The University of New England is an entrepreneurial regionally accredited institution which is committed to the academic excellence.  The University of New England offers 26 online learning programs and it is committed to the enhancement of the lives of people, organizations and communities that it serves.   
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
The Duquesne University offers a wide range of online programs with flexibility needed by the adults by combining rich academic tradition.  The Duquesne University offers 70 online learning programs and it networks and learns with the students who work in government, corporate, non-profit and military sectors.   
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI, United States
The Michigan State University offers various online programs in order to meet the needs of distant learners.  The university has 10 % international students.   
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA, United States
The distant learning educational programs offered by the Lehigh University provide students with a certain level of educational excellence.  The Lehigh University offers 100 online learning programs.   

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