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Online Schools FAQs

Online schools are advanced concept in the world of education and many students have reservations when going for an online school. It can be a bit intimidating to join a program that is delivered entirely online. Following are some FAQs for an improved concept of this alternative way of education.

What is an online school?
Normally, online schools are either an annex of a campus schools, or an independent school working separately and providing online programs in one or more educational areas. For instance, Everest University Online is an annex of the Everest School Group of campus colleges, while Ashworth College provides many degrees completely online, with no campus existence. Online schools are mainly built to offer education opportunities to working professionals, students who need to financially support their families, military personnel, and those who are not satisfied with the timetables of traditional schools.

How are Online Courses Delivered?
Typically, many learners take the same online class at the same time, with a teacher keeping an eye on their improvement through online devices and standard communication. In these cases, learners usually join the school’s web interface to get education in their free time, and are able to communicate with each other and with their teacher via online means including discussion boards, chat and email. Students are also provided with group projects that they carry out by working together. Coursework are assigned and received online, while exams are taken via the school’s web interface. The student studies at his own time and pace, completing coursework and tests, while a teacher is always within contact through email, phone or other online sources.

Is an Online Program is as valuable as a Traditional Program?
Course content always differs to some extent from school to school, but mostly school’s online program provides the same set of courses as that of a traditional program. Online courses are extremely centered and structured for the finest flow of knowledge, so if one stays engaged, he will be studying the same course material as is provided in the traditional classes. A large number of graduates of online programs have said that maintaining the willpower to overlook interruptions and focusing on the task is the hardest feature.

How favorable are Online Degrees for the Desired Jobs?
Due to the fast growth in online education and lack of trained professionals, various organizations are now much more interested in online degrees than in last few years. Many surveys have revealed that various companies now evaluate an online degree by measuring the reliability, status and accreditation of the school, as they do with a traditional degree. Certainly, as with any degree (be it either campus degree or online degree), the better the educational institute, the more recognized the degree.

How to verify the authenticity of an online school?

To avoid diploma mills, students have to make sure to verify the school and program accreditation before enrolling into for any schools. Once you know about the accreditation, make sure to also verify whether the accrediting body is authorized by US department of education to accredit any school, college and university. 

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Is there any difference between Schools accreditation and program accreditation?
Yes, it is very much possible that an online school is legitimately accredited but a specific program is still under consideration and not accredited. For example: some healthcare school might have all programs accredited, but if they started a new technology program, then it might not be yet accredited. 

What is the best accreditation for an online school?
To start a safe and accredited online degree, students have to make sure to opt an online school accredited by one of the following regional accrediting agencies.
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
  • North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement(NCA)
  • Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges  (MSA)
  • Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS)
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
  • Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges (NWCCU)
  • Distance Education Training Council. (DETC)

Online Schools for International Students
Most of the online schools in US are not offering admission to international students, however there are still several accredited schools online delivering education globally. To figure out, AskForEducation has compiled a list of accredited online schools along with FREE “Quick Info Request” option to further inquire.

Financial Aid for Online Schools
All the accredited online schools offer financial aid to their students in the form of federal and state loans, grants, and scholarships!

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