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Online Colleges Gaining Credibility

This article entails the growing success of the online schools and colleges in the United States and their growing popularity reflected in the statistics provided.

Online colleges have witnessed tremendous growth over the years. Since inception, its popularity has soared and has been a growing medium of higher education for the majority of the working class. Majority of the students finds convenient to take classes at home and yield affordability by saving on the transportation expense and time. The marriage of technology and education is yet to yield its true effect. Once the world opens up to the credibility of the online initiation, only then will come the age of online learning. By and far the credibility issues are addressed by having a set of rules, which are set up by the accreditation boards in the United States.

Growing influence on online education:
With the advent of online education, majority of the existing on campus institutions are focusing on the feasibility of online education. With the growing trend in this regard, nearly one-third of the institutions is focusing on providing the entire programs online such that students might get the desired degree without even tasting the environment of the classroom, totally revolutionizing the manner in which education was imparted. This would help in increasing the number of outputs, which would ultimately create demand for these degrees in companies and would help those who feel like studying in universities that are at considerable distances from the student’s home. The concept has risen especially for those students who live in the developing part of the world like India and Pakistan.

The Value of Online Learning:
Talking about workplace indecisiveness, online learning has started making its mark even there. It has started gaining credibility, in the form of supplementary education for people who feel like furthering their careers but have their ends tied up due to job hours or economic constraints. Students can enhance their work related skills or certification   required for progress in the field of business, and other such support skills that are required for promotion or enhancement of salaries. The skill will promote their activity level and the quality of work that will sustain them through the development phase of their careers. Many institutes offer online MBA courses with a sole purpose of helping those who feel like continuing with their education while not leaving their earning hand.

Increasing output from online Colleges:
The number of students passing out of these online schools has increased over the years. Leading online colleges and universities like University of Phoenix and Bryant & Stratton College, awarded degrees to nearly 400 plus students in the current year at a convention held in the Richmond Center. The latest data available at the US department of Education says that the number of students enrolled at the online universities and colleges amount to 12.2 million in nearly 11,200 college-level distance-education programs as of the year 2006-07. This figure has jumped up from 3 million that were enrolled in the 2320 distance learning programs in the year 2000-2001.

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