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Most Affordable Online Schools in U.S

The schools listed below are all well-recognized and regionally accredited in U.S. (Approved by U.S. Dept. of Education), ranked in terms of raw affordability. They all provide different degree programs and diverse styles of online education, so it’s better to assess which finest suits requirements.


Tuition: $2890/6 month term

WGU provides the most affordable online degree programs. It charges by term, not by credit. If a student gains 18 credits per semester, it comes up with $160 per credit. Even at 9 credits per semester, the programs costs $320/credit. The cost system makes provides one of the most flexible and cost effective degree programs. WGU is a renowned school established by 20 governors with the precise objective of offering an inexpensive, highly regarded online alternative.


Tuition: $5,322/year in state, $7,837/year out of state
TESC is extremely reasonably priced and must be regarded the finest alternative. It has been regarded as one of the best schools for online education and is well-recognized for its flexibility. It facilitates learners to “CLEP out of” 100% of classes as well as 100% transfer credits. It allows transferring a complete degree program to another college. It provides a broad range of programs, much broader as compared to many of its competitors.


Tuition: $280/quarter credit hour

Walden University is one of the leading institutes in the online education market. It is a pioneer in distance learning technology and provides most affordable degree programs. It provides a broad range of programs, and flexibility for education is one of its best features.



Tuition: $320/credit
It is the only school to be listed on Fast Company’s list of the 50 most innovative companies. It keeps the cost of degree programs much low, which makes it one of the most affordable options. It provides a wide range of programs and has received many awards for its innovative degree programs, affordability and overall quality.


Tuition: $302/credit

AIU is proud of being a most effective school for most hardworking students. It isn’t only serious about online education, but also serious about being cost effective and flexible. It provides the degree programs that directly benefit the student for continuing education and career prospects. Many degree programs are provided in the fields of business, information technology and fine arts.


Tuition: $305/credit

Providing a broad range of degree programs, CTU goes above and beyond in terms of flexibility and affordability, and provides every main resource for learning. Its technical and business programs are of greatest quality. The programs are very reasonably priced. The quality of education and the instructors are very dedicated to teaching. These aspects make this school a very strong choice for students.


Tuition: $350/Upper Division Credit, $290/lower division credit

It specifically provides degree programs in the fields of business, information technology, psychology and public safety. It is one of the leading online schools, providing its programs at very affordable rates. It has received several awards and designations over the years and is one of the strongest options for students.

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