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Is Google Wave the Future of Online Learning? The Final Verdict

This article entails a complete comprehension about what Google Wave is and how it works. The document also houses the arguments of the effects it would have had on online learning and education and the showdown of Google Wave.

What is Google Wave?
The apparent discussion in the field seems meaningless if one does not acknowledge the true nature of what Google wave is. Google Wave is a new Internet Based Communication platform launched by Google. The product is in Java and uses the Google Web Toolkit. Google Wave worked on the previous formats of messaging like emails; however, there are a few changes. The documents addressed as waves shared with the help of collaborators, which can be removed, or added at any point, during the existence of a wave. Hence the documents send do not require entire threads of previous messages.

Waves promulgated by Google as "equal parts conversation and document", where XML documents allow changes to me made simultaneously to the message incased in a wave. Participants can change add or remove any part of the message as per his desires. The changes get stored in the form of history and readers can view the changes made and by whom at what time. All changes and replies are stored and sent to the recipients; hence, the waves not only allow threaded conversation but also work as an instant messaging service.

Google wave and online education:
Before the launch, Google Wave was to be the future of online learning and education. The idea of online collaborators had many educationists existed of the possibility of using this as the medium of education in the future. The possibilities were indeed there; people from anywhere in the world would have been able to format or use the content posted as waves. The delivery methods must have improved if it had gone down well, and the online education system would have seen growth multiple times. The students would have benefited by the use of having Institute-created application, which would have been completely free.

The Final Verdict:
This is all about what Google wave was, at the time of launch. The time preceding it there was an argument as to if; Google Wave will be the future of online learning and education. The answer is now evident. In fact, Google Wave did not fulfill the aspiration of its developers because people did not adopt it as expected. Keeping this in mind Google has stopped all development work on the project and does not feel like launching Google Wave as a standalone product. The Senior Vice President Urs Holzle said in a blog."Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked,” “We do not plan to continue developing Wave as a standalone product, but we will maintain the site, at least through the end of the year, and extend the technology for use in other Google projects”. The failure of Google Wave has made the online education witness a setback but this is not the end. The future exploration in this field will surely lead to a better set of education oriented software and applications to be introduced into the system.

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