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How to Encourage people to take First Aid Courses in the Workplace

How to Encourage people to take First Aid Courses in the WorkplaceFirst aid training can make the difference between life and death in the workplace and beyond and is something more and more businesses should consider, and also that more and more do.

For businesses, the biggest issue doesn’t tend to be booking a course or finding a company or tutor to take a course. The biggest issue is to get people in the workplace to actually take the time out of their day to take the course.

Getting colleagues to take a course and then showing the accounts department the importance of it, to ensure it is signed off can be the biggest and most troubling issue. So, we’ve compiled a range of ways to promote a first aid course in your work place, get people to take part and potentially save lives – here’s how.

Espouse the Benefits

The benefits of a first aid1 course can often be overlooked by businesses and individuals alike. However, it’s up to you to showcase the value of one of these courses. Finding the time and also the budget to spare can often be an issue with a whole myriad of people in the workplace. However, there are a number of places that provide online material and information about the benefits a first aid course has for business. If you want to convince people, find one of these and then either print it out or email it on and give it to the people who hold the purse strings. It may just convince them.


Encouraging people power in the workplace is also a good way of doing this. Show colleagues the benefits of such a course and they can encourage the money holder to allow such a course. In addition, you also encourage them to take time out of their lives to go and take a course of this sort and by doing so, learn something new and more importantly, potentially save a life.

Show the Stats

The statistics show that more people are injured in the workplace than in almost anywhere else. For any of us in business, it makes common sense to ensure that there are people there that could help in the case of an emergency. Ambulance crews are amazing; however they can often take a critical amount of time to get to a workplace or elsewhere. Having someone or a few people there at the time to administer first aid can make a significant difference to how serious and injury becomes.

Skill for Life

Taking first aid training Glasgow2 is not some sort of skill that has only a place in the work environment – it’s a skill for life. If you have the training and the understanding of what to do in the case of an emergency in or outside of the work place, you can take affirmative action and by doing so save a life. Showcase this to people and allow them to see that this is not the average work related training, but that it’s a skill for life.

First Aid

Derek Devlin is a writer and journalist with years of experience in the first aid training area.

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