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How the Internet and modern technologies can help today's students

How the Internet and modern technologies can help today's studentsThanks to a few very quick leaps forwards in Internet technology (e.g. broadband) and a leap forward in online search software (e.g. Google), the Internet is now a prominent part of almost everybody’s life. People are now able to do anything online, from finding a spouse to buying a house.  

As you may have logically assumed, Internet and modern technology has also had an effect on today’s students too. This article explains what this effect is, and how modern technology is being used by students in a positive way.


The Internet is a great research tool

The Internet is the reason why book series on encyclopedias are now a thing of the past. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on books such as those, people can look online and get the answers they seek. The Internet is cheaper, albeit the quality of information is decidedly less accurate.
The Internet may be quite a good research tool, but it takes quite a lot of searching before you find information that is accurate and up to date. Nevertheless, the information is out there for the taking.

Spelling and grammar software help to teach as well as correct 

This sort of software can be found on many document programs, but is also available on things such emails, where a person is able to check his or her spellings. The process of having out spelling and grammar judged by a computer is actually quite handy for learning the rules of spelling and grammar.
In an odd way, a user will improve his or her spelling and grammar when using these programs, but not for educational enlightenment. People will do it because it means they will not have to spend as long looking at the spelling and grammar function on their computer.

Online learning programs are free and plentiful

This is true for almost any type of teaching you desire. A person does not have to look up and find a cheap language teaching DVD or book, if he or she can go online and watch video after video of free language tutorials.
A person can watch PowerPoint’s on economics, or view Infographics on history. People are able to read free e-books on the subject of their choice, and are able to research any number of disciplines and find some sort of media teaching it.

Online learning programs are free and plentiful

Electronic whiteboards and PowerPoint presentations help teachers

These, along with portable digital projectors, are making learning more dynamic and more interesting. The content written on a blackboard repeatedly is going to become boring and stale, even if the information itself is quite exciting or valid. Using more sophisticated methods such as this will (and does) add another depth to the presentation that less technologically advanced devices are able to do.

Internet coursework and essay submission is far easier

The fact that a student may now submit an essay from home has given the student a level of freedom that has not been possible in the past. It even means that students may finish their work abroad if they wish, and submit it to their college online. Students are able to spend their time away from the campus and the college, and are still able to hand in their coursework on time.

Online university/college resources and online libraries are revolutionary

A student may access a wealth of correct information via on online library. Not only does this college library allow a student to gain the correct information, it also filters out the many, many books and texts that are not relevant to the course. It means that the student is more likely to read the correct texts as oppose to the innumerate less valid texts available.

Even essay writing services have their benefits

An essay writing service may help a student cope with a string of very bad luck. They can be used if the student has been ill or suffered a family tragedy. In such circumstances the student is able to request a deadline extension, but the student rarely has time to get back up to speed. An essay writing service will allow him or her to catch up with the rest of the class.
An essay writing service may also provide some good example essays so that the student may check to see if he or she is on the right track.

Professor Richard Gunderman from Indiana University in his article for The Atlantic magazine tells one funny story:
A colleague tells the following story. A student in an undergraduate course recently submitted a truly first-rate term paper. In form, it was extremely well crafted, exhibiting a level of writing far beyond the typical undergraduate. In substance, it did a superb job of analyzing the text and offered a number of trenchant insights. It was clearly A-level work. There was only one problem: It markedly exceeded the quality of any other assignment the student had submitted all semester… These services have names such as College-paper.org, and Essayontime.com. Bestessays.com claims that "70% of Students use Essay Writing service at least once [sic]" and boasts that all its writers have M.A. and Ph.D. degrees".
But the ethical side of the issue will be completely lies on students.

The Internet and modern technology is part of the future

Earlier exposure is a good thing. The fact that the Internet and modern technology is available in schools means that the children are exposed to it at a far earlier age. They are able to assimilate the form and function of new technology so that they are not subconsciously wary of it as adults. It allows them to learn the fundamentals of technology use, so that they have a foundation to learn from later.

Writing on a laptop or desktop is the most efficient way of writing

This is true until voice recognition software becomes perfect. People may claim that tablet devices and smart phones are going to replace laptops and PCs, but they are still the most efficient way of writing and school studies require a lot of writing. Therefore, the benefit of these devices for students is self evident.

LCD screens, laser guided mouse’s and high resolution screens

These are all aspects of modern technology that help students avoid the damage that people with older technology used to have to suffer.
Author and References:
Korah Morrison, student at the University of California, Los Angeles, owner of Blogoloola blog and aspiring writer. Follow her on Google+.
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