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Diploma In IT - Does It Secure Your Future?

We all know about the revolution technology has brought in every field. Technology has actually penetrated into each and every business process of today’s world. Even the oldest fashioned businesses are now amending their process and introducing appropriate information technology tools to monitor and plan their business concerns. The introduction of these new trends has increased the demand IT professionals including experts in computer networking, software development, hardware and software maintenance, etc.

A number of IT diplomas have been introduced to train professionals in these specialized fields. Enrollment in diploma courses of desktop publishing, online marketing, Wordpress, web designing and maintaining, network administration and troubleshooting, etc. is increasing day by day. These short diplomas of 4-6 months can secure you a good job anywhere around the world. Depending on your personal preferences, you may opt for any of the following courses/diplomas to pursue your IT career.

Service Technician Program

A short course of 4 months can train you to handle hardware issues on your own personal computer. These courses train an individual to assemble/de-assemble a computer, change hard disk, increase memory ram, etc. This diploma works as foundation stones towards CompTIA A+, Server+ and Network+ certifications. It may open job opportunities such as a Lab Assistant in an institute, Hardware Troubleshooter in a small office or Technician at sales and service centers.

Desktop Publishing Operator Program

This diploma has been yet another course that is gaining popularity among the masses. The creative minds can undertake this training to learn designing of promotional materials including brochures, flyers, hoardings, newsletters and even developing a website. Advertising companies are always short of creative Desktop Publishers.

Help Desk Support Analyst Program

It can be a 7 to 8 month diploma that can prepare you to troubleshoot a number of hardware/software issues that one comes across every day. You can re-install windows and configure applications perfectly. Hardware, software communication conflicts can be easily dealt once an individual has undertaken this diploma. Many companies employ such technical individuals in their technical and support departments.

Network Administrator Diploma

This can be a one year diploma that trains to develop and maintain a network of as many numbers of systems as needed. Companies having huge networks or software house where data storage and retrieving requirements are immense, usually look forward to hire an individual with such a skill set.

PC Support Specialist Program

This is yet another one year diploma that prepares an individual to troubleshoot hardware and software issues that pop up from time to time in personal computers. Almost all the organizations hire a person with this skill set.

Web Designer Program

This 9 month program trains an individual for developing a website. They learn the techniques to make it interactive by introducing certain forms. The first source of job for such individuals can be a web development company. However, many such individuals also go for freelancing or working on retainer ship.

Diploma In IT

The demand for diploma of information technology is increasing day by day. With the introduction of new technology every year, the demand is expected to increase even faster. This is one profession that can open a number of career options. Why not try your luck?

Author Bio: Toni Meadows is a retired Business professor who now blogs about education and its importance in society. He has visited several colleges in Melbourne and has written his observations on business courses and opinions about each one.

Source: http://www.martincollege.edu.au/courses/diploma-of-information-technology-systems-administration-program.aspx

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