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Degrees That Allow You to Help People as a Career

Feeling that the work you do every day is helping those around you is important in getting satisfaction and fulfillment out of your career. Beginning a career in health care is a way to ensure yourself that you will spend the rest of your working life helping those in need, and it is also a career option that will most likely constantly provide you with lucrative work opportunities. Of any industry, health care is the most likely to remain unaffected by the recessions and economic fluctuations that leave workers in other fields unable to find work. Between 2008 and 2018, it has been predicted that the health care field will grow by more than 20 percent.

Why Specialize?

Within health care, there are particular specialties where demand is expected to be even greater than in the health care field overall. The average lifespan is increasing every year, and this is creating a rise in the population of the elderly. The elderly exhibit their own unique health needs and often require special care and services for tasks involved with everyday life. Thus, health care practitioners specializing in gerontology are likely to enjoy an extremely high number of professional opportunities in the coming years.

What Is Gerontology?

Gerontology is an area of health care that involves a high level of patience, care, and compassion. Those who study gerontology examine the aging process, analyze the changes that take place in the human body with the progression of time, and develop a thorough understanding of conditions such as Alzheimer's and osteoporosis that most commonly affect the elderly. Graduate study in gerontology generally involves clinical research and interaction with aging patients and residents of hospitals and nursing home facilities. Often, those who earn a Masters in Gerontology will get to choose the focus of their practice.

Where are the jobs?

Professional positions available to graduates of programs in gerontology are found at a variety of institutions, including assisted living facilities, health clinics, retirement homes, and medical centers. It is surprising the number of job titles and tasks an individual with a thorough knowledge of gerontology is qualified to fulfill. While you could find yourself working in a health care capacity with a title such as counselor or nurse, you might also find yourself focusing on the more academic aspects of gerontological studies as a sociologist or anthropologist.

What you do with a Master's degree in gerontology depends on your career aspirations and your personal interests. Upon completion of your program, you might decide to continue your studies at the doctorate level if you feel that you can most help the elderly through research and study. A job focusing on gerontology out in the field at a health care institution is perfect for those who love working directly with people. Working with the elderly, you can do your utmost to provide the aging population with a high quality of life and assist them in maintaining their independence as they age. Whatever you decide to focus on in your gerontology career, you can be sure that you will spend your days improving the lives of a vital part of our population- elderly individuals who will be eager to return everything you put into your job with thankfulness and respect.

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