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Campus education schools provide an excellent platform to socialize with people. When students from diverse backgrounds get together in one place, they learn interpersonal skills and learn how to communicate with people and as such their personality grooms. Campus schools, in general, consist of two categories: centralized and decentralized campuses.

Centralized Campuses Schools

Students receive all the educational facilities of a school at one place. From dining halls, administrative offices, residential rooms, leisure space, arts space to all the educational departments such as the medical department and engineering department, just about everything is present on a single campus. Such campus-based schools are usually available in rural areas.

Decentralized Campuses Schools

Decentralized campus based schools scatter their functions over different areas and different campuses of the same school operate at different places. Campus schools face a number of issues when they provide education. Limited and expensive territory may be one such. Especially in urban areas, land is expensive. Campus schools buy land at various places to adjust the budgets, rather than buying an expensive land at one place. Moreover, it may also be a case that the marketing strategy of a campus-based school forces it spread its campuses over different areas.

As regard to the student strength of campus-based schools, enrollment in the last ten years has increased by 35%. Furthermore, a report by UNESCO in 2006 totals higher education institutes in US number 5,758 making an average of 115 per state.


Quality of education, facilities and accreditations are general decision making factors while choosing the suitable campus school. At times, some requirements of a student may also guide the final decision, for example, in case a student looks for a school offering immense financial support. Therefore, keeping in view the factors based on which students weigh their decisions, AskForEducation has categorized all the campus-based Schools.

Instead of searching through the schools over the internet, AskForEducation has classified the campus-based schools with respect to state, degree and subjects. State category takes students to campus-based schools working in all the states and by degree level category opens up the schools undertaking various levels of degrees such as associate degrees, bachelor and PhD level degrees. As regard to the subjects, we show campus-based schools concerning the various subjects and their possible sub-categories.

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