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Biomedical Engineering, Future of Modern Medicine

The article focuses on the advancements in Biomedical or Genetic engineering and its impact on mankind along with different online degrees available to start a proficient entry level career.

Biomedical Engineering is the extraction, studying and combining of different genes in an artificially created environment to create something new and beneficial. Usually not all the living things posses all the same kinds of genes and thus their ability differ. So, their genes are combined to create, something superior and far better, to fulfill the requirements. Its uses are widely spread in almost all forms of environment that are medicine, industry, agriculture etc.

Role in Medicine:
People of the 21st century are suffering from various diseases. Most common of them are, infertility, cancer, slow growth, cardiac arrests, diabetes etc. Scientists are trying their best to protect the humans and outrun these diseases, by the use of Biomedical engineering. As a result of their prolonged efforts, they have finally started coming up with answers to the problems, by the help of Biomedical engineering. Through a careful research, they were able to restructure the human DNA. Vaccines are one of the examples that humans are injected to prevent from certain diseases. These vaccines consist of bacteria and dead or harmful organisms, that let the internal cells of living beings, fight the germs and get used to them so if a major attack falls they would be ready. The other marvels of the Biomedical engineering projects include production of hormones like insulin, glucagon and others. While mentioning Biomedical engineering, it would be an ill advice not to mention the Human Genome Project which would not have been possible without the onset of Biomedical engineering.

Prospects of studying online:
A number of different online schools are offering degrees at all levels of biomedical engineering some of the noted degrees being offered online are as followed.
  • Associate of Applied Science in Biomedical Equipment Technology
  • Bachelors - Biomedical Engineering Technology
  • Bachelors - Biomedical Informatics
  • Bachelors - Biomedical Equipment Technology
  • Masters of Biomedical Engineering Technology
  • Master of Science in bioengineering / Masters in biomedical engineering.
Future Prospects:
Biomedical engineering has yielded marvels in the modern age, along with developing medicines, hormones and vaccines. Studies have prolonged into the process of developing clones for the sake of mankind, along with this, more advanced version of crops are being developed that are more resistant’s to pesticides and drought. Research is continuing in the process of developing more breeds of animals that grow quickly and yield more in terms of milk and meat. Broiler chickens and Bovine and Dutch Cows are the other features of the development of biomedical engineering. Recently the human genome project has created marvels and has unleashed a sense of purpose amongst the scientists, who are on the point of view that biomedical engineering can provide answers for the many genetic and hereditary diseases that have gone unnoticed in the past century. This presents a ray of hope for patients suffering from estimated 4000 diseases that find a space in the genetic makeup of the individuals.

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