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Best Online Massage Therapy Schools

Cortiva Institute

Cortiva InstituteIt has a number of campuses located across the country in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The school provides around 12 message therapy degree programs, and makes the graduates qualified to take the National Certification Exam.

The school enables graduates to work in clinics, hospitals, health clubs, spas, resorts, sports therapy clinics, or start their own private practices. It provides a high standard massage therapy education along with quality training, procedures, principles and practices for a successful career.It provides a competent faculty, relevant course material and advanced technologies, along with hands-on instruction, developing an experiential education setting that increases clinical reasoning abilities of the students.

Everest College

Everest CollegeThe Massage Therapy program at Everest College offers the fundamental info, equipments, ethics, and activities that empower students to efficiently practice as a professional in a wide range of health care facilities. The school provides in-depth massage therapy abilities that enhance knowledge and build up specific techniques of massage.

It also offers specialization for massage therapists in spa therapy or sports therapy. It prepares the graduates for a broad variety of both traditional and non-traditional practices. Currently, around 80 message therapy programs are being offered at Everest College.

Kaplan College

Kaplan CollegeIt provides fundamental program in clinical massage, therapeutic massage and bodywork, enabling students for a wide range of career opportunities. Today, around 13 massage therapy programs are being offered at Kaplan College.

The school trains students for various desiring careers in just a matter of months. All classes and subjects experience deliver the actual required practical expertise and training, taking students to a step nearer to their career objectives each day. The students learn about stress reduction, preventive health care, fitness programs, and relaxation techniques. They are trained by skilled tutors in a student-friendly environment.

Virginia College

Besides classroom learning, students at this college have to complete an externship under the coaching of an approved therapist. The college is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

Graduates can be confident in the abilities and knowledge gained at Virginia College, as programs are particularly structured for their career developments. Centering on the requirements of the job market, the school develops programs that meet the demands of students and future professional similarly.

Student will gain the physical and technical expertise that is demanded by a large number of employers in various allied massage facilities. They learn about a wide range of massage techniques like relaxation skills, stress management, Swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy etc. Currently, Virginia College is offering around 19 massage therapy programs.The school enables graduates to work in rehabilitation clinics, fitness centers, medical offices, hospital departments, salons, chiropractic offices, sports fitness centers, and various other places. One will also be able to run own private massage therapy business.

National Holistic Institute

The faculty at National Holistic Institute is 100% devoted to the students’ success in the field of massage therapy. Currently, a large number of graduates from this institute are working in the field of massage therapy. The school provides various multiple techniques to ensure all students learn the material effectively. It is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). It also provides financial support to meet students’ requirements.

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